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■ International Collaboration

2. Contributions to the Mongolian Nuclear Program

2.10. 4th visit to the National University of Mongolia

CRINES Director Prof. H. Sekimoto, CRINES Professor A. Minato and CRINES member Prof. Y. Kato visited the National University of Mongolia on July 3-4, 2008.
They interviewed students who hope to study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology from October 2009. They discussed with the members of the Nuclear Research Center (NRC) on the nuclear energy program in Mongolia and research reactors, especially on the research topics using these research reactors.

Meeting at NRC

On July 3 they visited Ministry of Foreign Affairs and met Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Undraa, Head of the International Relations and Cooperation Department, Office of the Capital City Governor, Mr. T. Batkhuu, and some others. They discussed on the energy program of Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia. On July 4 they met President of Mongolian Academy of Science (MAS) Prof. B. Chadraa and discussed on the general issues on nuclear engineering in Mongolia.

At MAS: from left to right, Director of NRC Prof. Davaa, Ass.
Prof. Kato, Director of CRINES Prof. Sekimoto,
President of MAS Prof. Chadraa, and CRINES Prof. Minato.

The term of their stay in Mongolia from July 2 to 5 is just in the four-day state of emergency lifted against for the post-election riots on July 1. In this occasion they arrived at the Hotel by walk. The meeting with Prof. Chandraa was set not in the main office of MAS, which was closed for the emergency, but in a branch outside the central area.