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■ International Collaboration

2. Contributions to the Mongolian Nuclear Program

2.13. Mongolian delegates visit Japan to see nuclear reactors and attend CRINES Small Reactor Committee meeting

Four Mongolian delegates visited Japan from 29 March to 2 April 2009. They are from National University of Mongolia and Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

In the morning on 30 March they visited the research reactor (TRIGA MarkII) of Musashi Institute of Technology (Musashi Reactor). At the beginning Prof. Matsumoto presented the history of the reactor from the planning and construction to shutdown and fuel shipping to US.  Then they visited the reactor and experimental facilities.  Though it had already been shutdown, they could learn a lot of knowledge on the research reactor.

At Musashi Reactor (from left: Prof. Chadraabal, Ms. Odmaa, Prof. Amartaivan, Prof. Norov)

In the afternoon on the same day they visited Shiodome Urban Energy Corporation to see district heating systems.

Meeting of CRINES Special Committee on Small Reactors was held on the whole day 31 March at the Meeting room of Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Tech.
In the morning from the Mongolian participants following five topics were presented:
Nuclear technology education and nuclear physics study in Mongolia by Ms. Odmaa (originally by Prof. Khuukhenkhuu, He could not come because of his bad health condition.)
NAA and isotope production in Mongolia by Prof. Amartaivan
Condensed matter structural study by Prof. Chadraabal
Power demand and perspective by Prof. Norov
A possible type of research reactor for Mongolia by Ms. Odmaa
In the afternoon from the Japanese participants following seven topics were presented:
Small reactor design modified from PWR by Prof. Shimazu
Development of nuclear reactor by Prof. Obara
Natural circulation small LWR-type reactor design for district heating by Prof. Sekimoto
Role of mechanical engineering for nuclear reactor by Prof. Takahashi
Nuclear engineering education in Tokyo Institute of Technology by Prof. Obara
Education of Nuclear Engineering in Tokai University by Prof. Takaki
Nuclear Power Plants in Japan by Prof. Minato


After these presentations discussion session was held.  In order to discuss the roadmap for the future utilization of nuclear energy in Mongolia, an example was presented.

Committee meeting

After the meeting they had talked with Mongolian students.

With Mongolian students


In the Tokyo Tech Campus

On 1 April they visited HTTR (High Temperature Test Reactor) at JAEA. They observed not only HTTR but SI system for hydrogen production.