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■ International Collaboration

2. Contributions to the Mongolian Nuclear Program

2.15. Members of CRINES Small Reactor Committee visit National University of Mongolia to help construction of Mongolian Research and Education Roadmap on Nuclear Energy

Members of CRINES Small Reactor Committee (Director Sekimoto, Prof. Minato, Prof. Obara (Tokyo Tech), Prof. Shimazu (Hokkaido Univ.), Prof. Matsumoto (Tokyo City Univ.) and Takaki (Tokai Univ.)) visited Mongol from 19 to 23 September 2009, and participated in the Japan-Mongolia Meeting on Roadmap for Mongolia Nuclear Program held at National University of Mongolia (NUM).  From Mongolian side, Prof. Davaa (Rector of NUM) presented on “Personnel Education Plan”, Prof. Damdinsuren (Deputy Director General, Nuclear Energy Agency) on “Basic Duty and Organizational Structure of Nuclear Energy Agency” and Prof. Chadraa on “Some Idea on Mongolia Nuclear Program”.  Prof. Khuukhenkhuu (NUM) talked on history of Mongolian research works on nuclear physics and his idea on future works using a research reactor.   The Mongolian members will make their proposal after taking advisees of Japanese members.

Japanese members at the entrance of NUM, from right Prof. Matsumoto, Director Sekimoto, Prof. Minato, Prof. Obara, Prof. Shimazu and Prof. Takaki

At the meeting, from right Prof. Davaa, Prof. Chadraa, Prof. Amartaivan, Prof. Lodoysamba, Prof. Dashpuntsag

At the meeting, from right Prof. Damdinsuren, Prof. Amartaivan, Prof. Davaa

The Japanese members also met Ambassador Kidokoro at Japanese Embassy on Ulaanbaatar and exchanged information.