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■ International Collaboration

2. Contributions to the Mongolian Nuclear Program

2.21. CRINES members visit NUM to support Nuclear Engineering Education

CRINES Director Prof. H. Sekimoto, CRINES Professor A. Minato and CRINES member Assoc. Prof. T. Obara visited the National University of Mongolia (NUM) on September 18-19, 2010.

The proposed educational subjects for new course, which will be established for the undergraduate students in the nuclear engineering field, were discussed and the detail of the subjects for the new course was fixed.

Application conditions for the selection of international students and the acceptable research field at the doctor course were explained and the schedule until the selection was also confirmed.

Information exchange related to the future Mongolia nuclear program including research reactor, the utilization of uranium resource and so on was also carried out.

Meeting at Nuclear Research Center (NRC) of NUM