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■ International Collaboration

2. Contributions to the Mongolian Nuclear Program

2.23. Visit to the National University of Mongolia

CRINES representatives, Dr. H. Kikura and Dr. A. Minato, have visited to National University of Mongolia (NUM) on 15-16, November, 2010. They interviewed some students, who were hoping to study in the field of nuclear at the graduate school in Tokyo Institute of Technology.  In addition, they visited to the research facility and lectured to the researchers and students of NUM in the field of (a) design concept of nuclear reactor and (b) measurement technology of thermal hydraulics.

They have met some members of Atomic Energy Agency and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the future plan related to the utilization of nuclear energy in Mongolia and visited to the No.4 power plant in Ulaanbaatar, too.  It was confirmed that the load factor of power plant was increased by the support of Japan, nuclear energy is needed to reduce the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, the implement of nuclear reactor is discussing as one of the future power generation plan and so on.  It was proposed that the human training plan to conduct the present project related to the utilization of nuclear energy should be proposed to Japan immediately.

In the cyclotron accelerator of NRC (Nuclear Research Center)

In the central control room of No. 4 power plant