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3. Other International Collaborations

3.10. Assoc. Prof. Kato attends ASEAN COST+3 New Energy Forum

ASEAN countries and China, Korea, Japan (ASEAN+3) held “ASEAN COST+3: New Energy Forum for Sustainable Environment” at Kyoto Univ. in 25-27 May, 2008.  Assoc. Prof. Yukitaka Kato, Ex-COE-INES Sub-Leader attended the forum as a representative of CRINES and Tokyo Tech.  Over 100 participants discussed on new energy system for sustainable environment of ASIA. Prof. Kato presented research and education activities in COE-INES and CRINES related with innovative nuclear technologies.  The participants accepted well the need of nuclear energy in future energy system.  The forum was quite nice opportunity to show the presence of CRINES activity in new energy field.

Participants to the Forum in front of the venue of Clock Tower Hall, Kyoto Univ.