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3. Other International Collaborations

3.16. Director Sekimoto attends GIF LFR-SC Meeting Held in Italy

Director Sekimoto was invited and attended to GIF LFR-SC Meeting (Generation IV International Forum Lead-cooled Fast Reactor Steering Committee Meeting). The meeting was held during 21-23 January 2009 at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy. The Laboratory is the largest underground laboratory in the world for experiments in particle physics, etc. and used as a world wide facility by many scientists. Novel Laureate Dr. Carlo Rubbia happened to visit the Laboratory and was attending another meeting. We discussed with him on lead and lead-bismuth coolant for a while in the corridor in front of his meeting room.

In the corridor of Gran Sasso National Laboratory:(Front, L-R) P. Kovacs, D. Haas, (Back, L-R) C. Smith, C. Rubbia, L. Cinotti, H. Sekimoto and Mrs. Smith.