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3. Other International Collaborations

3.5. Director Sekimoto lectures on upcoming innovative nuclear power technologies as invited speaker at INAC2007 in Brazil
CRINES Director Prof. H. Sekimoto was invited to speak at the International Nuclear Atlantic Conference 2007 (INAC2007), which took place in Santos, Brazil, on September 30-October 5, 2007. He presented the topic of “Research on Future Nuclear Energy Systems in Japan” at a round table session of “News in Nuclear” and spoke about the present situation of Japanese programs in nuclear energy research and on current and planned COE-INES activities. Brazil is well known for its bio-energy resources. Several gas stations we saw in Brazil had signs advertising alcohol next to those for gasoline. Over 90% of Brazil’s electricity is generated by hydroelectric plants, which illustrates the advantages of renewable energies. It is significant that a country like Brazil is hosting a conference on nuclear power. Currently, two pressurized water reactors are operated in Brazil, and many specialists are also interested in innovative reactor designs and preparing to expand its line of nuclear power plants.