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■ Organization

1.1. Establishment
On January 1, 2006, the Center for Research into Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems (CRINES) was established at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) as a base for promoting the innovative nuclear energy systems that will support global sustainable development.

As an international center for research and education, CRINES will carry out the basic research necessary for establishing concepts to be used in nuclear energy systems that are widely accepted by society. These are sustainable, safe, low-waste and non-proliferative, and will be offered as solutions to global warming, erratic weather patterns, and energy resource exhaustion.

COE-INES Leader Prof. Hiroshi Sekimoto was appointed as CRINES Director, with the responsibility of overseeing all CRINES activities. There are 22 CRINES staff members, all of whom are members of COE-INES.