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令和3年6月博士課程修了予定者論文発表会 原子核工学コース

※ お願い : 学外の方 (卒業生や現在東工大関係者でない方) へ

令和3年4月12日(月) Zoom / 先導原子力研究所北2号館6階会議室
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塚原 剛彦 Development of Novel Micro Total Analysis System for Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning

Since the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, increase of decommissioning efficiency is imperative to revive the disaster-stricken area, i.e., making waste management is a top priority. Various radioactive species were released into the environment, and large amounts of radioactive waste from decommissioning efforts were produced such as adsorbents for treating contaminated water, rubble, felled trees, and soil. To streamline analysis processes for waste characterization, simple and portable analytical devices in and around the decommissioning site have been required. Therefore, this study aims to develop a portable on-site/on-chip analysis system by evaluating combinations of microfluidic extraction and detection systems for target toxic radionuclides such as selenium, lanthanide, and actinides. Two types of microfluidic devices consisting of parallel phase microchip and plug flow microtube were investigated, and optimal conditions for the extraction and detection performance for the target elements were identified. Detection techniques for target elements included fluorescence microscopy and thermal lens spectrometry, and were also compared to conventional detection methods. These results provided ample evidence for deploying microfluidic extraction and detection systems for use in elemental screening at Fukushima, achieving acceptable separation efficiencies above 90% for all cases in less than 30 seconds. Furthermore, the coupling of novel and existing devices was also successful making analytical device integration on-site


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  • 塚原 剛彦 准教授  : ptsuka(at)zc.iir.titech.ac.jp