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1. CANDLE burning

1.1. What is CANDLE burnng?

The booklet “Light a CANDLE” may be a good reference for the question shown in the above title, though it was written many years ago. For the readers who consider the amount of this booklet is too much for their requirements, please read this pamphlet for CANDLE burning.


Huge energy consumption inevitably causes resource shortage and global environmental problems. Nuclear energy does not cause the global environmental problems like fossil fuel energy since it does not emit carbon dioxide at energy production. However, it may cause the resource shortage problem if only the present light water reactors are continued to be used. The technologies employed in nuclear energy utilization employ uranium enrichment and reprocessing of spent fuels which are developed in the nuclear bomb development and the most important technologies for nuclear bomb production. It causes another difficult problem to the utilization of nuclear energy. The nuclear energy has another problem such as production of radioactive materials in the reactors. It causes safety problems during the reactor operation and wastes problems even after stopping operation. The nuclear energy should offer its price low enough for basic energy sources. Future nuclear energy will meet more severe requirements for these issues. CANDLE has a very high potential to satisfy these requirements. At present a wide variety of study on CANDLE including material feasibility studies in CRINES.