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■ Research activities

1. CANDLE burning

1.9. CRINES Seminar (Study on Ultra-High Burnup Fuel Research) Successfully Completed

The seminar was successfully completed on 20 August, 2010, at Tokyo Institute of Technology. The number of the participants is reached to be more than twenty. This indicates that a lot of interest is faced to the field of research and development of nuclear fuel used in the innovative nuclear energy system. The following three lectures were done in the seminar.
   (1) Approach to Research on Ultra-High Burnup Nuclear Fuel
        by N. Nakae (Tokyo Tech)  (Slides)
   (2)Status of R&D on Metal Fuel and Innovative concept
        by T. Ogata (CRIEPI)  (Slides)
  (3)Status of R&D on High Burnup Oxide Fuel
        by T. Ozawa (JAEA)
In the first lecture, the need for research on ultra-high burnup fuel, the whole procedure on the research, and irradiation achievement up to now were introduced.
In the second lecture, progression and current status of metal fuel development, progress of R&D in CRIEPI, and innovative concept on metal fuel were introduced.
In the third lecture, R&D plan on FBR cycle, innovative R&D on high burnup core and fuel, and physical properties and irradiation behavior of high burnup oxide fuel were introduced.

The seminar was held with respect to R&D on nuclear fuel. The second seminar concerning R&D on nuclear fuel will be held when the progress is obtained.