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■ Activities for Generation IV International Forum (GIF)

3. Domestic academc meetings, international conferences and seminars

3.5. Seminar: Activities for Lead-cooled Fast Reactors (LFR) in Generation IV International Forum (GIF)

Organizer: CRINES, Tokyo Institute of Technology

International Conference Room,
Campus Innovation Center (CIC), Tamachi Campus,
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo - Japan
November 9, 2012

Program (in English)
Program (in Japanese)

Chair A. Minoato(CRINES)
14:00 Welcome address T. Yano (Director of CRINES)
14:05 Opening remarks S. Uchida (CRINES)
14:10 Status on GIF LFR activities PDF A. Alemberti (Italy)
14:40 National status on LFR development: EURATOM PDF A. Alemberti (Italy)
15:10 National status on LFR development: RUSSIAN FEDERATION PDF V. Smirnov (.Russia)
15:40 Break
15:50 National status on LFR development: USA PDF C. F. Smith (.U.S.A.)
16:20 National status on LFR development: JAPAN PDF1 PDF2 M. Takahashi (CRINES)
16:40 Closing remarks Toru Obara (CRINES)