Multi-laboratory training

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  • Students shall not join laboratories for the first six months of the 1st-year masterfs course, which is named laboratory-free education. Instead, they shall join either gnuclear engineering courseh or gfundamental nuclear sciences courseh.

  • Each course has its course office, where stay an education coordinator as a professor, a course manager and a course sub-manager as instructing staffs of the department.

  • The offices record a portfolio of each student, which records his or her status of accomplishment of basic course works and research literacy. The offices manage the education according to the portfolio.

  • Students shall choose a couple of laboratories in their belonging course, and join seminars of each laboratory for every three or four weeks, based upon discussion with the coordinator, as a subject gseminar of nuclear engineering I or IIh which is compulsory for the former half or 1st-year masterfs course students. This is called a gmulti-laboratory trainingh.

  • After completing the multi-laboratory training, students shall decide their laboratory for the masterfs research, based upon discussion with the education coordinator and the professors whose laboratory they wish to join. Even after joining the laboratory, the above mentioned systematic ginseparableh education continues till the end of the first year of the masterfs course.