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The department of nuclear engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, was granted a Support Program for Improving Graduate School Education on gSpecial Program for Nuclear Educationh (GP-ATOM) from the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture of Japan for 2008-2010 FY.

GP-ATOM program aims to nurture creative researchers and engineers as leaders in nuclear engineering over the world.

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  • Nuclear industries are now being globalized. Each of the three big nuclear manufactures in Japan is in cooperation with a corresponding foreign one. Some Japanese nuclear manufacturers even affiliate foreign ones to them.

  • However, only a few universities have a department of nuclear engineering in Japan, like in EU or in USA. Nuclear industries are now running short of researchers and engineers with the technical education of nuclear engineering.

  • To overcome these circumstances, we, the department of nuclear engineering, Tokyo Tech., started gGP-ATOMh program, Special Program for Nuclear Education for graduate students to systematically and effectively nurture creative researchers and engineers as leaders in nuclear engineering over the world.

¥@Summary of the program

  • This program covers not only knowledge and techniques in limited area of nuclear engineering, but also fundamental science and engineering sustaining wide range of nuclear engineering. It cultivates your ability and creativity in application of special studies of nuclear engineering as interdisciplinary sciences.

  • In order to make the students have the ability of planning and management of projects, the GP-ATOM program conducts gsystematic guidance of individualsh. It performs systematic education with the basic course works and the research literacy, both of which are inseparable to improve the traditional course works.

  • In the works to complete dissertations, each professor or associate professor aims to cultivate studentsf ability to find and solve problems. Professors should understand that studentsf research work is a part of education based upon professorfs research guidance, and should not ask students only for outcomes of the research.